POCUS Cardiac Views

Parasternal Long Axis

Reduce depth to display only LV, LA, MV. AOV. and RV

Acquisition: Parasternal window PLAX view Left sternal border, transducer orientation toward right shoulder, beam positioned perpendicular to left ventricle 

Structures to demonstrate: LA MV LV LVOT AV IVS RV

Parasternal Short Axis

2D loop of LV at mid papillary level

Acquisition: Parasternal window PSAX view. Tilt inferiorly from MV

Structures to demonstrate: RV IVS PMPap ALPap LV

Apical 4 Chamber

2D view at at optimal depth to display all 4 cardiac chambers

Acquisition: Move to patient’s left side to identify apical impulse, align orientation toward bed

Structures to demonstrate: LA MV LV RA RV TV IVS IAS

Apical 5 Chamber

2D view to show all five chambers

Acquisition: From the A4C view tilt the beam anteriorly to show the LVOT

Structures to demonstrate: LA MV LV IVS LVOT RA RV

Subcostal 4 Chamber

2D view of all 4 chambers 

Acquisition: Patient supine with transducer at subxiphoid position, orientation marker toward patient’s left shoulder

Structures to demonstrate: LA MV LV LVOT AV IVS RV

Subcostal IVC

IVC with sniff to show respiratory variation

Acquisition: From subcostal 4 chamber turn probe counterclock wise 90 degrees

Structures to demonstrate: IVC

Prepared for CardioGuide by Atul Jaidka. Images and videos from ASE 2019 Guidelines for Performing a Comprehensive Transthoracic Echocardiographic Examination in Adults: Recommendations from the American Society of Echocardiography